H2O Safety Net Gives You Clean and Disinfected Water Immediately !

H2O Safety Net Quantum Disinfection for 100% Bacteria Free Water

Immediately Access Bacteria Free - Pathogen Free Safe Disinfected Water



What is in the water you drink?


Do you really know?   H2O Safety Net harnesses the power of Quantum Disinfection ™  to immediately disinfect your water and destroy bacteria and harmful pathogens such as such as e-coli- staph - legionnaires - yeast and algae - as it GREATLY reduces fluoride and chlorine from the water.   Our portable system can be attached to a hose - to a water well - any source of running water - and it IMMEDIATELY disinfects the water as it runs thru the unit - water affected by a power outage - or a natural disaster - or to simply ensure the water YOU drink is always the CLEANEST WATER you can possibly have with No electricity necessary No chemicals and Nothing else added! 

Stay Safe When On the Road


Drinking water is crucial to horses - NOTHING affects the health of a horse more than their intake of water. When you  travel with horses you can never know 100%  what is in the water and if the taste of the water is different they WILL NOT DRINK!   H2O Safety Net's small portable hose unit IMMEDIATELY treats the water with 2 powerful components which immediately DISINFECTS and cleans the water of harmful additives as it flows thru the hose adapter unit anywhere anytime and anyplace - so your horses - your dogs and all of your pets will immediately have CLEAN DISINFECTED - GOOD TASTING water wherever you are  -

Horses, Dogs, Cats, Birds, Goats, Donkeys, Llamas - any animal you care for, take care of or cherish. 

Bacteria-Free, Safe, Disinfected Water


There is NO other product which can DISINFECT water like this!

 The germicidal capacities of the Quantum Disinfection ™   in the H2O Safety Net units were intensively tested by the EPA, QFT Laboratory LLC, Ackuritlabs, Proteus Labs, NC State University and is certified NSF / ANSI  42 - and also tested to NSF / ANSI 61 - and is approved by both the EPA and Homeland Security -  YOU can now have Good Tasting - CLEAN and DISINFECTED WATER available to you IMMEDIATELY 

- water free from living bacterial microorganisms - with a HUGE reduction of fluoride -chlorine- and nitrates - in a TOTALLY GREEN Technology 24/7/365  - anywhere anytime and anyplace - even after a natural disaster, water main break  or  a power outage!

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